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  • Sarah Neal

Myth Busted: CrossFit is Dangerous

There is a myth about CrossFit that is dying. The myth that CrossFit is dangerous.

A couple of years ago the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) published a study that shared false claims to make CrossFit look dangerous. This was at a time that CrossFit was rapidly growing and I believe the NSCA felt threatened by that growth and wanted to do something to halt it. CrossFit immediately went to work disproving the NSCA's claims by entering into a legal battle that lasted for years.

For a synopsis, from the Morning Chalkup:

"The lawsuit hasn’t gone well for the NSCA.

  • In 2016, the court ruled that the “NSCA fabricated the injury data” and the study was published “with the intention of protecting [NSCA’s] market share in the fitness industry.”

  • By failing to comply with court orders on multiple occasions — including lying under oath and withholding documents — they were required to pay seven figures to hire a forensic accounting firm to comply with their court’s request.

  • In May 2017, the court awarded CrossFit $400,000 in attorneys’ fees.

  • Then in June 2017, the NSCA’s own insurance company — Insurer National Casualty Co. — brought a lawsuit to remove them from the liability of covering the NSCA any longer, which further exposes the NSCA to legal costs and liabilities."

The damage to the NSCA continued Wednesday when they were ordered to pay CrossFit nearly $4,000,000 for the legal fees they have amassed over the last several years. In addition, the court stated that in 25 years they have not seen perjury to this extent and that the NSCA absolutely attempted to deceive the public about CrossFit with their false claims.

This is a huge victory for CrossFit, but also for the CrossFit affiliates and trainers worldwide.

Our business at CrossFit 816 is about helping people, not hurting. We have worked with countless people who have reversed diabetes, regulated blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, lost weight, improved confidence, gained mobility, gained lifelong friends, and bettered their quality of life.

Can this be achieved through many forms of fitness? Absolutely! We encourage people to find what is right for them, but at CrossFit we create an environment of inclusion, support, encouragement, and results so that you stay consistent for the long-term. If something doesn't feel right, we modify workouts so that you can still get a great workout without pushing past limits into pain. We have staff who are knowledgeable about helping each individual progress according to what is appropriate for them.

Bottom line: People can get injured doing anything- I have injuries from my volleyball career and I had chronic knee and hip pain when I was a runner and triathlete. Choosing to get off the couch means there is some risk involved. But I always will take my chances of my bad knee acting up over increasing my risk of the diseases of the modern world.

Find what works for you. Find what gets you excited about fitness and nutrition. Find an environment that supports you and helps you work toward your goals. Don't over-complicate it and learn to enjoy the journey. Just move and have fun!

If we can help you work toward your health and fitness goals, please reach out! Contact us to schedule your No Sweat Intro and we'll help walk you through what options are the best fit for you!