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Being Driven While Working Out in Solitude

This is a post by one of our staff members, Tyler Nash, who has coached at CrossFit 816 for nine years. Tyler has several fitness certifications and also coaches youth soccer, including for the Liberty High School boys' and girls' soccer teams.

"I don't need to workout."

"I have other things to do."

"I am sick of being alone."

Sound familiar?

These are just a few of common thoughts that creep up in our heads when we are working out in solitude. This pandemic has continued to be hard on everyone. Being forced to stay isolated from the rest of the world goes against human nature. We thrive around people. We love to interact and be social. It's in our genetics. With CrossFit, we pride ourselves on our community. 

At 816, we have even stronger roots than most other gyms, demonstrating our passion each and every class and with every athlete that we have. Passion for a sport that we love and want to share with others. Now, we have been separated from that community and are forced to carry on in this journey alone. This is an extremely difficult task. One that many people may not be comfortable or enjoy.  However, I would have to admit, some of my favorite times are my workouts alone. I have worked out alone for years and realize how powerful it can be if the right mindset is developed. Though my fitness level is much better when I am surrounded by people who push me, working out alone enhances the mental side of my core, which in turn, makes me so much stronger.  

Working out in solitude also brings out the worst part of me. My insecurities surface and doubt enters. It tries to make a home. Excuses come to the forefront. I can quit and no one will know. I can slow down and no one tells me to go faster. I can stop because the only person I am really competing with is myself. Self-doubt enters my mind. Maybe it is too hard of a workout? I had a really stressful day. You really can't keep that pace. I am comfortable sitting on the couch. These are just a few thoughts that always enter my head every single time. 

It is our job to smash that way of thinking. It is simply me vs me. Don't give yourself the way out. Instead, challenge yourself to be different. Every opportunity you have in life is a way to separate from the average. The world gives us so many reasons to just be content. We, as humans, want to be comfortable. However, we know as CrossFitters the difference is made when we put ourselves into the flame. When you are in that dark place of self pity, no one can start that climb out of that hole except for you. You have to learn to push back at these thoughts, these negative thoughts that tell ourselves we aren't good enough. You don't need motivation or a good song to keep yourself going. All you need is a reason. Be that reason.

I like the saying that motivation is crap. Motivation comes and goes. I would rather be driven. That's a mindset that says no matter what I do, I go at it with an indomitable spirit.    Each of us have that type of mentality and CrossFit, just like any other kind of suffering, allows us to chip away at that armor that tells us we aren't good enough.  

Know that even at this time, we as coaches are here to support each and every one of you.  We all go through this type of battle. It's tough but you can do it. Challenge yourself to be better each and every time. Though it's easy to focus on where we fell short, instead focus on our victories. Everyday is a chance to be better. We can't change the past, but we can take the steps to mold our future. Semper Deinceps, always forward. 

Coach Nash  

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