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  • Sarah Neal

7 Things you can do RIGHT NOW to Change your Life

Updated: Jan 6

Yes, I mean right now. As you are reading this. Let's not dilly dally; let's get to it:

1. Chug some water.

We are up to 60% water, or at least we should be. Many of us are walking around dehydrated much of the time, which can cause symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, dry skin, bad breath, sugar cravings, constipation, and more! So chug a lug a few ounces right now and start drinking more water!

Some cool things that water does in our bodies!

2. Say thanks!

Being grateful makes you feel better- instantly! It also makes others feel better if they are the recipients of your gratitude. Taking stock of our blessings rewires our brains to focus on the positive, instead of dwelling on what we don't have or isn't going right. So this second make mental list of what you are grateful for or text a friend and show them some love. Do it!

3. Take some deep breaths.

Deep breathing is a great and instantaneous way to lower stress in your body. It also can help lower blood pressure; improve your cardiovascular, lymphatic, and respiratory systems; better your posture; increase energy; and help skin look more youthful. Stop right now and take a deep inhalation, followed by a slow exhalation. Then do it five more times!

4. Do a burpee (or ten).

Yes, of course I had to get a burpee on this list. And yes, even just one burpee has a benefit. Burpees are a movement every one can do and there are many ways to modify burpees to fit any fitness level. Don't go all the way to the ground. Do one against a wall at an incline. The point is it will get you moving, it will get your heart rate up a bit, and it might inspire you to do more!

5. Step outside.

We need more nature in our lives. We are an increasingly sedentary, reclusive, and indoor society. Being outside lowers stress, can improve cognitive function, can help combat depression and anxiety, lowers inflammation, and can even help preserve your vision! So go outside, take a look around, a few deep breaths, and maybe even do a burpee. :)

6. Smile.

Every time you smile, your brain does a little happy dance. There is a theme developing with many of these suggestions, but smiling can improve your mood, lower stress, relieve pain, make you more attractive, and can brighten someone else's day. Try to not smile back when someone smiles directly at you- it is almost impossible. Alrighty then, don't worry if you might look like a goofy fool, crack a big smile right now. :)

7. Give yourself a compliment.

Being nice to yourself is something many of us struggle with. We are often our own worst critics and don't even realize how much negative self-talk is shaping our own perception of ourselves. Taking time to develop positive self-talk can have dramatic affects on your life- boosting your self-confidence, motivating you to live up to your affirmations, feeling more grateful for the positive things in your lifes, and helping you be aware when your negative tendencies rear their ugly heads. So say something nice to yourself right this instant!

These seven things are just a few of the many things we can do instantaneously to improve our minds and our bodies. Bonus points to incorporating more than one at a time- doing a burpee outside while smiling- try it!

If you are ready to make some positive changes in your life and would like to learn more about what we offer at CrossFit 816, schedule a No Sweat Intro and we can talk about your goals and make a plan for the best way to achieve them. We would LOVE to work with you!