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Yoga and Crossfit

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Yoga and CrossFit?
Yoga should be included as part of your training - CrossFit as well as other sports.  We all know we NEED more than the obligatory shoulder stretch, hamstring stretch before heading out the door for a run, or heading to the weight rack.  Research shows that stretching and mobility work is even more beneficial after the workout.  Ya, right - we are all out the door and on to the next thing as soon as we can! We offer a Vinyasa non heated class and a heated class based on Bikram style - Hot Yoga. 
Why the extra hour in a Yoga class?
Balance, Variety, Body Awareness, Flexibility, Accuracy, all important to your CrossFit training - all trained in a Yoga class.  Yoga will develop the shoulder stability necessary for a developed snatch lift as well as the hamstring flexibility to get down in a pistol or strong deadlift stance.  We talk about developing body awareness with our lifts and movements to feel when your elbows are high and outside, or your overhead position is strong and locked out.  Yoga will help with that too.  Yoga helps calm your mind, reduce stress, and stretch your body. 
Practicing yoga helps create a strong, flexible back, improves posture, firms your backside, stimulates abdominal organs, improves sciatica, and can help with asthma.  Increasing flexibility in your chest and shoulders (hello overhead work), improving wrist and grip strength, and improved breathing - you'd be crazy NOT to add this hour into your training!
Besides, the 2010 CrossFit Games winner, Graham Holmberg practices yoga!


We offer Hot Yoga and Vinyasa yoga.