CrossFit 816


Salena Smith

As someone who has struggled with a vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight then trying the latest thing in the diet and fitness world (only to lose interest and be disappointed), my favorite thing about CrossFit is the results!!

At CrossFit 816 the coaching staff is dedicated to helping every member achieve their own personal fitness goals. In addition to pushing each athlete to their maximum potential, the CrossFit 816 coaches are also committed to helping you have a better quality of life; many of the movements from the workouts translate into everyday life activities.

At CrossFit 816, you will always be kept on your toes about what the next day’s workout will be like, this style of fitness allows you to compete: against yourself. Although I still have to scale some part of most workouts, I am increasingly able to do more weight and maintain my form. Thanks to the coaching staff at CrossFit 816, I have consistently been able to improve in both strength and skill.

I have been attending CrossFit 816 for the last 3 months and cannot believe the differences I have already been able to see in my body. In just 90 days, the CrossFit 816 WODs and clean-eating Paleo style meal plans have helped me lose 33 lbs. and drop 3 sizes! I can honestly say I can’t wait to see what the next 3 months will bring!

Salena "Before"

Salena "After But Not Done Yet"

We are so proud of you Salena!  You are so inspiring!  Keep up the wonderful work!

Stacy Jackson

Crossfit is different things to different people.  To me the most incredible thing is the philosophy to not just workout to get big muscles but to workout to get strong to help you in daily life.  (The muscles, loss of body fat,  etc. are just a nice bonus!)  I have done many different exercise classes in the past and they were all good to a degree.  But CrossFit is by far the level above all.  It amazes me how CF is for anyone – male, female, young and old.  So far I am the oldest one there,  so I challenge any “older” person wanting to keep their body healthy in later life to come give it a try! 

I have personally seen major results in a short time that I just thought were not possible and it is still on-going!  I also have to mention not only the physical benefits but CF is also advantageous to mental health!  For me it is very empowering and a boost for self-confidence.   

Another benefit is the nutrition information presented.  For many years I have been interested in healthy eating.  But I just did not “get it” until I learned about paleo eating (the way of eating endorsed by CF).  Getting back to clean eating is one of the best things you can do for your health.

I may be prejudiced but I can’t say enough for the instructors at CF816!!  Each and everyone care about helping you be the best you can be. 


Sandy Bock, 62

"I had given up hope that I was going to get 5 inches taller or my legs were going to get longer, but I wasn't ready to give up hope that I could feel better about the body I do have.  Crossfit is hard and some days really hard but it's so worth it.  Because of Crossfit I feel stronger and in overall better shape... now if I could only just get into the Paleo thing"  Ha ha... just kidding on the last part." 

Kira Montuori

I don’t think that I am your typical crossfit member.  I have a long road to go on my fitness. That is what is so great about crossfit.   I can scale the workout or modify the activity to suit my fitness level.  My motivation is to see the transformation as each week I get a little better, a little faster and a little stronger. The works outs are so different each day that it’s hard to get bored.  You never know what you’re  going to get at crossfit.

Olivia Stripling, 15

CrossFit is awesome!! I already almost have a six-pack!!

Robin Bock


There is nothing like CrossFit!  I have been a runner for over 10 years and mix in strength training and yoga.  But, 2 ½ years post-baby, the weight had come off but my body was not in the shape I desired.  I was running mile after mile and burning calories, but nothing else was changing.  I enjoy keeping my workout varied and fun – nothing compares to the results and experience of a CrossFit class.  Although it seems scary at first, it’s amazing how quickly the body adapts and responds to this type of training. With only three months of consistent CrossFit workouts under my belt, the results are noticeable. I was afraid to take “before” pictures but now wish that I had!

CrossFit kicks your butt and leaves you begging for more!