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Is Coffee Paleo?

Saturday, November 19, 2011 8:28:00 PM Categories: Nutrition

I noticed this during my first Paleo Challenge this time last year - and it has given a repeat performance this year - when I really clean up my diet (despite following the Paleo lifestyle, a couple of offenders sneak in.....maple syrup as a sweetener in baked goods, tortilla chips, and the beautiful red wine/dark chocolate) my coffee consumption goes up.  I can do black, or if at home, with coconut milk.  I even went to half-caf, but still the craving remains.  I find myself fixating on it.  Two morning cups becomes 3 and an afternoon cup is mandatory. 

I ran across this blog post from FitBomb...I honestly have that poster in my pantry.  Come by if you don't believe. 

Doing Stupid Things Faster, With More Energy

I'm not exactly a coffee fiend, but I do enjoy a cup or two a day. (You know how much I like cold-brewed coffee.)

And although I tried quitting a while back, it didn't take. So now, I'm on a mission to justify my daily caffeine intake.

So here's a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of caffeine:

The drawbacks?

Well, among other things, it can make you kill people. (Allegedly.)

Don't overdo it and murder your spouse, but some reasonable coffee consumption appears to be A-OK (though my two favorite Paleo gurus, Robb Wolf and Mat Lalonde, seem to be at odds on this point).


***Insert Ah-Ha moment***  It totally dawned on me the other day the trick my brain is playing.  Caffeine (a la coffee - no more diet soda which is a story worth repeating)  causes an insulin response in the body.  The maple syrup, tortilla chips, and wine/chocolate stimulated insulin production.  I eliminated the offenders and my brain kicked in a craving for what I still allowed in - beautiful, beautiful  COFFEE.  While the above article does make me feel better, I know in my heart of hearts that I should examine my love affair and addiction to Joe.  Yes I have a shirt that says I (heart) JOE. 

I did not have the afternoon cup today - despite talking about it all day (hi Jacqueline) and although I had a headache, it passed, and I survived.  We will see what Sunday morning brings....


hope to see you at tonight's WOD - Austin and his crew will be filming/photographing both WODs.  If possible, arrive a little early and possibly have your thoughts together in case you are interviewed!