CrossFit 816



Um… no, wait… OM.

If you’ve committed 2016 to a year of change, why not start with the inside and work your way out? Or even better, try hot yoga and take care of both. But be warned, this ain’t your momma’s yoga!

On March 5th last year, I walked into my first hot yoga class at 816 Hot Yoga after the coercion, prodding, and (finally) baiting of some well-meaning friends. (I’d already had enough cardio to last a lifetime from jumping on-and-off the latest Fitness Craze bandwagons to last me a lifetime.) I caved. And went. And, I’ve never looked back.

It has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done mentally and physically (-and I teach middle schoolers!) When they say HOT, they mean it! You will sweat- and I hated to sweat! You will flex! I wasn’t very flexible! You will rely on your breathing. I could barely remember the last time I took a deep breath and relaxed.

And you’ll probably feel like a novice- and this was the hardest part for me. I wasn’t used to being so terrifically BAD at something! But it only seemed to bother ME. Our yogi (Ian) kept talking about our ‘personal’ practice and not to compare ourselves to others; and then he told us to appreciate our beautiful bodies for all they allowed us to do. (Is this guy for real?!)

So I returned. Repeatedly. And it’s become addictive. And the changes I’ve noticed on the inside are even greater than the external changes- and those have been remarkable. Headstands? Backbends? At my age? I couldn’t even do them when I was single digits! Back issues and migraines? They disappear. And Second Amendment aside, I’m showing these guns off!

As (personally) challenging as hot yoga has been, I’ve had support all along the way, not only from Ian, but from the others who need their regular yoga fix, too.

So if your still searching for that ‘one thing’ that will help you get to those goals you’ve made (and you are already considering abandoning for that pint of Ben & Jerry’s,) I think you should…um…oops- OM, step out of your comfort zone and give hot yoga a try. I think you’ll even surprise yourself. I sure did!


Just a note about our instructor: I’ve tried a few other classes recently in other places. We have a hidden gem in the Northland! You will learn from one of the best! Ian knows his stuff- and he’ll make sure you do to! You’ll learn the correct breathing and positioning so that you could practice in any studio- ANYWHERE. He is supportive, and he will really challenge you when he sees you’re ready. We are so fortunate to have someone of his caliber right in our neighborhood! Don’t believe me? Shop around.


Hot Yoga at Crossfit 816 is awesome!   Ian is the instructor and he is great!  I like that he knows how to help me get the most out of my practice while encouraging me to  "move through" the poses so that I can benefit more deeply.  My endurance has increased and I am much stronger in my physical body.  It also helps me release stress AND I sleep better!  It does not matter if you are new to yoga or are experienced you will love the classes offered here.