CrossFit 816



I just wanted to tell you guys how much my son loves this place! My sons name is Elias, he was in the last 2 Preteens sessions that recently ended. He started this past fall only going one day a week although after his first class he asked if he could go two days (he was playing fall baseball & he wasn't able to get to both days of the class). This last session he was able to go twice a week & never, not one time did he complain about going. He would even remind us on Mondays that he had CrossFit that night (sometimes we'd forget since we were used to only going Saturday's). I wanted to show you the progress he's made since joining your gym. Along with the classes he's been taking there he has also started taking his lunches to school instead of eating hot lunch. We have diabetes and heart disease that run very strongly in our family so I was wanting to teach my kids about good eating habits and learning to love exercise. Oh, and may I add that he's been asthmatic since he was a baby. Normally in the fall we can expect an ER visit or two. This fall he had none. His asthma doctor was very surprised he was able to do this without having trouble & told us to keep it up because it's helping! Thank you so much & thank you for offering something like this for kids!

The before pic in his uniform was from this summer, the after is from
Thanksgiving Day. Big change in him, not only physically but mentally.
Thank you again!!