CrossFit 816

Fitness Should Be Fun!

Our 816 GoKids and Teens program is meant to inspire kids to look at fitness as fun.  It is about discovering strengths, inspiring confidence, feeling strong, encouraging others, and having a blast.  Kids will develop speed, coordination, balance, strength, endurance, and more in a safe, encouraging, fun atmosphere.  

Our classes are separated into different age groups to be developmentally appropriate for the physical readiness of each child.  Class consists of a warmup, skill development, a workout where those skills are practiced, and a game or skill challenge (for older children) which incorporates GoKids skills.  In addition to the physical improvements, participants will improve listening skills, following directions, sportsmanship, showing respect, encouraging others, and self-motivation, just to name a few. 

As adults, many of us lose the love of being active and see working out as a chore.  It is imperative that youth develop a life-long love of staying active and this can be achieved with 816 GoKIds and Teens classes!