CrossFit 816

GoKids Classes

GoKids Preschool

For kids ages 3-5, CrossFit 816 Kids preschool classes focus on having fun while moving! All movements are non-weighted and typical exercises include jumping, forward rolls, air squats, skipping,, toe touches, etc.  Emphasis is placed on following directions, sportsmanship, listening skills, and being a good friend/teammate.

GoKids Elementary

For kids Kindergarten through 3rd Grade, these classes build upon the skills presented in preschool classes.  Typical exercises include bear crawls, presses, box jumps, burpees, and jumping rope.  Additionally, social skills, cooperation, direction following, and listening are fostered and developed.   

GoKids Preteen

For kids 4th through 8th grade, these classes will increase intensity and add slight loads (only when proper form and technique are demonstrated consistently).  While the focus is still on fun, the work is more demanding than in elementary classes and more is expected of preteen participants- more focus, more support for the group, greater involvement.

Teen Strength and Conditioning

For high school–aged kids, this class stresses technique and coordinated movement, making teens movements more efficient and effective and decreasing the ever present risk of injury in sport and life.  Teens are expected to demonstrate respect, desire to learn, and  give full effort.  This program is for all fitness levels, but is especially valuable for high school athletes looking to preserve and develop fitness during the off-season.

** All sessions must have a minimum of 6 participants. **