CrossFit 816

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I in shape enough to even DO CrossFit workouts?
CrossFit workouts are scalable for all fitness levels.  You will find a variety of fitness levels within each class.  You do need to know that the CrossFit method involves high intensity.  This element sets us apart, produces world-class results, and will keep you coming back for more!  We'd like you to go through our Introduction classes that introduce you to all movements and lifts as well as gives us an idea where your fitness currently is.  Every thing we do can be modified and adapted to your needs.  CrossFit strives for balanced fitness - we aim to make our athletes equal part Olympic lifter, gymnast, and sprinter.  You will find some things easier than other things - that is the fun of our workouts - always challenging and something new.
I heard people throw up during CrossFit workouts.
You may have heard of this because of the high-intensity aspect of what we do.  Yes, CrossFit is intense BUT we scale workouts to your ability and level of fitness.  If ever you are feeling like you are overdoing it, STOP, slow down, or take a break.  You know your body better than anyone does.  Intensity is a personal thing too, it is scaled right along with weight loads.  A good rule of thumb is to eat no sooner than one hour prior to class because we move around a lot and this will reduce your chances of having that last meal revisit you.
I don't know what Olympic weightlifting is all about.
Olympic lifts use a barbell.  They are core generated and use multiple muscles and joints in each movement.  They are dynamic and extremely safe when done correctly.  We emphasize form and safety over weight every time.  Most people have not trained using Olympic lifts before - it will feel awkward at first, but soon will be second nature.  We also use power lifting exercises in addition to the Olympic lifts.  These exercises develop strength, but also power and speed, which you WILL see translate to your other exercises.
What is Functional Fitness?
Functional movements are movements you use every day - we train deadlifts because you deadlift everytime you lift a heavy load from from the ground - laundry baskets, furniture, children.  We train overhead lifts because you use that movement to put things away in storage, put your crockpot in a high kitchen cabinet.  We train squats because that is what keeps you out of the nursing home!  Being able to handle your bodyweight and having a strong core will enhance your life well into old age.  Many people enter assisted care facilities simply because they have become decrepit or can no longer move functionally.  They can no longer get up out of bed or out of a chair.  They can't use the bathroom by themselves. CrossFit fights decripity and keeps us moving functionally!
I have been reading the WOD blog but do not know what many of the exercises are.
No worries!  You'll be exposed to most of them during Introduction classes.  We often post videos or tips to review movements and our coaches always make sure each athlete is familiar with each movement before the clock starts. also has demos of all movements in their online library.
I'm a woman and I don't want to sweat in front of a group of men.
 We honor and respect that, but honestly everyone is working so hard that no one is watching anyone else.  It won't be long before you enbrace the sweat and wear it like a badge of honor!
How many times a week should I do CrossFit? What about my current workout schedule?
Because of the unique combination of intensity and new to you movements, it is recommended that a client start with three classes a week. Once your body has adapted to the intensity component and you are feeling stronger, feel free to add a class or two additionally a week. Once you have a good baseline of fitness and can handle up to five classes a week, the official CrossFit recommendation is three days of training followed by one rest day.
What's up with all the abbreviations?

WOD: workout of the day; the intensity segment lasting an average of 10-20 minutes

AMRAP: As many roundsreps as possible; Perform the series of exercises without stopping for the set amount of time. Keep track of your rounds/reps.

RFT: rounds for time; Perform a set number of rounds of the exercises - stop time when you have finished.

RX: as prescribed; This means you did the workout as it was written, weight load, reps, etc… Please know that CrossFit workouts are programmed for the elite athlete and then scaled down. Only a fraction of athletes consistently perform workouts as prescribed. What you see on the board is not necessarily what YOU will be doing that day — the purpose of the workout will not change, just be adapted to your current fitness level.

Ok, Ok, I want to try CrossFit — now what?
Give us a call or shoot an email. Come try a class.  From there we will get you into an Introduction class — a series of 3 classes a week for 4 weeks that introduce you to all of the equipment and movements we do in our gym.  After you complete Introduction classes, you are good to enter our regular WOD classes.  You won't be sorry!